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Muscle Conditions

Melcalin MgK

Alterations of the potassium and magnesium availability in the body are determining causes of imbalances in the progression of nerve conduction and can result in the onset of symptoms of the muscle, cardiovascular nervous and gastrointestinal system.

Melcalin® MGK is a food supplement containing magnesium and potassium characterized by a ratio between nutrients studied in order to stabilize the balance of potassium in the intracellular and extracellular components. Improving the extracellular potassium values to a maximum of 2% of the total, in fact, increases the efficiency of excitable tissues, improves the quality of the action potentials and the response of the tissues of the muscles, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and nervous system.


  • It promotes proper electrolyte balance and homeostasis of magnesium, potassium and calcium
  • It is useful in the presence of conditions affecting the excitable tissues:
    • muscle: chronic fatigue, loss of strength, cramps and fibromyalgia;
    • cardiovascular: arrhythmias and tachycardia;
    • gastrointestinal: bloating, acidity, digestive difficulties and gastric emptying, constipation and irritable bowel;
    • nervous: mood disorders, irritability, bipolarity, melancholy and depression
Melcalin BASE

Acidosis, which is a functional imbalance characterized by an excessive concentration of hydrogen ions in the extracellular fluids, implies the progressive reduction of the body’s buffer stock and, as a direct result, the alteration of the cellular metabolic processes.
Treating acidosis is important to improve the symptoms that can be associated to it, including large areas of diseases and disorders, such as joint pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, increased susceptibility to allergies, frequent infections and osteoporosis.
The effectiveness of buffer food supplements in order to rebalance the phenomena of acidosis has been demonstrated in different clinical situations: from sport to treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, to degenerative disorders of the skeletal system till cancer.

Melcalin BASE is a buffer food supplement that assists in maintaining the acid-base balance by providing the right amount of phosphate and bicarbonate ions, which are the main constituents of buffering stocks, in addition to key minerals such as magnesium and potassium, which are also key components for the maintenance of the physiological pH.


  • It improves endurance and performance in physical activity and limits the hyperacidity-associated injuries of muscles and connective tissue
  • It balances deficits in the assumption of alkalizing nutrients that are associated with unbalanced eating habits, avoiding bone depletion phenomena due to weaknesses of buffer systems
  • It contributes to the reduction of symptoms associated with gastric disorders.