Melcalin Epadox

The liver performs many functions in our body being the site of synthesis, transformation, detoxification and storage; it is a body constantly exposed to external substances that we introduce in addition to the effects of chronic stress that can determine a decrease in functionality. To support the liver in this excess of work it is possible to act with a natural strategy using proven herbs such as chicory, turmeric, mugwort and that are able to protect the liver and improve any damaged areas.

Melcalin Epadox contains chicory, turmeric, mugwort extracts that, as seen, They have proven efficiency in improving the biochemical parameters as well as having an excellent antioxidant effect. Citrus Sinensis, Cnicus Benedictus and Melissa Officinalis extracts contribute to improve the action of the compound by increasing the antioxidant efficiency.


  • It improves the hepatobiliary function
  • It is useful for restoring the physiological health of the liver